Tuesday, November 26, 2019

People often suggest writing about one's art, especially photos, and I have always liked the idea.  For the first time I'm having a hard time getting myself to do it myself.  Why?  I can't say. And the project I've been working on is at the point where it needs it.  I've been in the midst of an editing challenge for almost 2 years now.  I haven't known if I've been working on the same project, or several smaller series that are all related. They all seem related to me.  But it's hard to sequence from one setting to another.  I have self-portraits from summer of 2018, and last winter in the snow. Then, more in Crete and France this past summer, where I was lucky enough to do my first 2 artist residencies. And now I have a huge number of photos to work with. Always the best problem to have.
What do I want people to take away from them?
I've been on a journey of change.  Like many.  Where it stops, nobody knows.

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